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If you are interested in adopting any of our cats, please complete the form with your address & postcode as we carry out an actual home check, call our helpline on 07938 909215 or call Elaine on 07799 472543


You can also email us at or join us on Facebook.


Our hours are 10am to 6pm every day.


                        ***Please Note***

When applying for any kitten/cats we consider all applicants carefully, we assess each and every match and take all situations into consideration before deciding if the home is suitable, also taking into account that cats can live for 15-20 years. Therefore reserve the right to refuse if not a good fit.

Over the age of 65/70 years! (not considered suitable for kittens).

There are many cases where cats can be perfectly suited to more senior adopters. We get a lot of older cats (8 years upwards) in our care who often struggle to find a loving home. An elderly individual could be their perfect match.

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