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All our cats over 6 months are neutered/spayed, microchipped, treated for fleas and worms and have had a basic vet check.

We ask a minimum £70 donation (£120 pair) and a home visit is required..

We are based in Lanarkshire & Glasgow but also rehome to Edinburgh area...

Please note if you enquire from Lothian/Edinburgh we would require a vet reference....

****Please note****

We at cat concern rescue lots of  kittens born outside and have very experienced fosterers who spend lots of time and patience to socialise them, please always consider adopting a timid cat as they always make fantastic pets and have so much love to give , please call to enquire about rehoming a timid cat, they are always great with other cats in your household x

Jonny & Jenny

Jonny & Jenny are a gorgeous pair  of brother/ sister to be rehomed together as they are very close and adore each other, 6 months old (both neutered) and extremely affectionate, this pair love people and lots of cuddles (especially Jonny), they would  easily settle as indoor pets as have never been outdoors..

These 2 dudes deserve a fantastic forever home who will treat them like the little Prince/Princess that the are xx

Tom Dick & Harriet

Tom Dick & Harriet are gorgeous three siblings, 2 brothers & sister Harriet...

They were rescued from outside at 3 months old and are now 6 months, all 3 have been spayed/neutered..

These 3 are adorable and we would love to rehome them together as they are very close, they love their indoor comforts and lots of human company, these 3 little cuties would make fantastic pets for any household x


Apple is a gorgeous, very affectionate 14 week old little girl, she came into our care as had been bought on gumtree at only 6 weeks old...

This little girl is extremely affectionate, she loves lots of cuddles & attention, she is also great with other cats..

Apple would love a forever home (preferably with another cat) and someone who can give her all the love that she craves and treat her like a little princess that she is x




Henry is a gorgeous natured 1 year old little boy, he has always lived indoors.. Henry is okay living with another cat but would also be fine on his own as he loves lots of human attention and affection..

This little fella deserves a forever home who will treat him like a little prince that he is x